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The Ecenter and Ecenter Touch are new concepts by Custom Arcades. For years, we have been selling machines that are capable of multiple tasks. Now we have one that's not only capable of playing thousands of games, but can be used as a TOUCH SCREEN jukebox as well. It has a USB port on the back, 19" Flat Touch Screen or 22" standard monitor. The custom marquee is included. This machine also comes with a dual speaker sound system w/subwoofer for an awesome sound experience.


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Please Call 775-746-0960 For Pricing.


ECenter Touch Technical Specifications - All the technical details

ECenter Touch Image Gallery - A few pictures of this beautiful machine


With the ETouch Center arcade machine, you can play thousands of your favorite games, listen to the built-in jukebox, watch DVD movies, browse the internet, watch tv and much, much more!