We’re looking for like-hearted individuals who find fulfillment in reviewing video games, devices, accessories, and all things about this addictive passion that gets passed on from generation to generation and makes its way to a gamer’s budget, without fail.


If you love researching and itch to write about gaming trends, please don’t hesitate to send us your working titles and articles. We would relish collaborating with you.

If you’re looking to prove yourself as a gaming guru but have no place to do so, here’s your time to shine. Write an article about your game as if you made it yourself.

If you also spend hours waiting for your siblings, parents or friends to finish playing when they interfere on your schedule, write about them and let us know which game you’re playing and why you have to wait in line to get a hold of that control.

Come on! If you’re ready to write for us, here are the basic guidelines to follow:

1.  No plagiarism.

While you may share an opinion about an individual game or device with others, please send us only the articles you wrote yourself and had not appeared somewhere else.

2. Min. 300 Words

Your article must be 300 – 1500 words in length. Make it worth everyone’s time – tastefully written and comprehensive.

3. E-mail Us

Send your articles or drafts to con3@custom-arcade.com. All right, you may also send us pitches for features you would like us to write for you, while you’re busy gaming. Ideas are contributions, too.

We would love to get your e-mails coming in!