All-Time Greatest Video Game Consoles Favorites, in Terms of Sales

Video games have been part of our lives and have appealed to us to a point where we have consumed millions of these devices brought to our homes for our entertainment. With that said, here are the top 3 greatest consoles sold of all time.

1.    PlayStation 2


Also known as PS2, PlayStation was released in 2000 by Sony as a successor to PlayStation. It has beaten Sega’s Dreamcast, Microsoft’s Xbox, and Nintendo’s GameCube with over 155 million units of this console sold across the globe. It was a huge success as it has also beaten the sales of its predecessor, PlayStation that sold 102 million units. According to other sources, there were 3,874 games made for the device and billions sold worldwide. It was kept in production for 13 years and until finally being discontinued in 2013.

2.    Nintendo DS


This handheld device saved its firm from commercial failure following weak sales of one of its consoles (Gamecube). Designed after Game Boy Advance SP with a clamshell design that includes 2 display screens that are less than 3 inches wide. Combined with the rest of its series, the Nintendo DS has sold over 154 million units making it the second best-sold game console of all time since its release in late 2004.

3.    Gameboy /  Gameboy Color


Another successful video game console from Nintendo is the Gameboy issued in 1989 accumulating over 118 million sales worldwide. It has beaten Game Gear, Lynx, and Turbo Express. This small device is optionally powered by 4 AA batteries or by an adapter that was sold separately and also came with different accessories such as a magnifier, illumination light, and speakers. Over 1,000 games were made for the original Gameboy and it was discontinued in 2000 as Nintendo was about to release the Advance series back then.

We’re excited to see more devices to complete the list in the future.