Capcom Arcade Cabinet Review

If you’re a gamer who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, then you’re probably a big fan of Capcom. They released some of the biggest and most well-known arcade games of the time. Among their top sellers were Black Tiger, Gun Smoke, Legendary Wings, and Vulgus. What do all of these titles have in common (aside from the fact that they were published by Capcom)? They can all be found in the Capcom Arcade Cabinet download.

The Capcom Arcade Cabinet is a large compilation of seventeen different hit arcade games published by Capcom in the 1980’s. It was released as a digital download for multiple game systems in five separate packages. Each of the packages contained three different downloadable arcade games. There were two bonus games available to those who purchased all five of the packages.

Today, you can buy all five packages with the additional two bonus games as a bundle through Amazon. Not only does this save you money, but it guarantees that you get all of the content at one time.

The bundle has been received very highly by gamers, both old and young. Most agree that it has some of Capcom’s best arcade games minus a few of their more iconic titles. Those who liked the games will like the package. Here are some of the games that were included.

A Look At The Games.

The first game on the list was Black Tiger, which was released by Capcom in August of 1987. It was a game with a simple concept that became a huge hit. Gameplay was platform-based featuring a barbarian character who jumped through the world and fought enemies along the way. The game was noted for its vivid and colorful levels.

It was one of the first arcade games that encouraged a deep exploration of the world. There were hidden bonuses located in multiple places on most levels. Some of the bonuses were merely hints, and others were a form of in-game currency that could be used on upgrades. Black Tiger was such a huge hit that it had been ported to various systems over the years. The latest of those ports being the Capcom Arcade Cabinet.

Another hit game included in the bundle package is Legendary Wings. Legendary Wings was a shooting game with a sci-fi-fantasy themed world. The hero was a soldier with wings who protected the world from a supercomputer bent on world domination.

Players loved this game for the co-op gameplay element it provided. The second player was able to jump into the game whenever they chose or even continue from a previous player’s game-over. Gameplay was diverse, though it was considered a rather short game by most hardcore fans.

A Must Have For Gamers.

Whether you’re interested in Legendary Wings, Black Tiger, The 1943 Series, Commando, or any of the other great arcade games included: this bundle is worth the purchase. It’s very competitively priced on Amazon considering you get 17 games total and don’t have to waste your quarters every time you die.