When friends come over to test your consoles and games, you would have to prepare yourself for the worst – that there would be times when you would have to endure seeing the excitement and thrill on their faces as they play along while you, the host, sit there waiting for hours to no avail. All you can do is cheer and be patient because they’re your friends, and because you do the same when you visit them.


For us, these realities exist. I even came to a point where, while waiting to get my hands on the controls, I ended up writing a post on a Facebook group about how my friends won’t let me play my game in my own place. There were good responses and comments.

Because we love gaming so much; we decided to start a blog about it with a mission to admiring video gaming’s history, current trends, and tomorrow.

Initially, it was all about our passion and writing about what my friends can expect to play while paying a visit to my house, and about the games piling up on my wish list while I am still saving up for my next video game.

Friends started contributing articles, and little did I know that the simple blog I created becomes a gaming magazine day after day. We’ve gained a lot of readers and audience more than we had imagined. Over time, we have leveled up into one of the best websites on interactive entertainment.

Gaming has never been this fun, thrilling, and fulfilling.

What’s In Store

Read our blog, and you’ll know the best games ever to hit the markets. We also promise you to bring news and articles about consoles or devices that make gaming more fun and exciting.

Who Owns The Site?

This site is owned and maintained by Bartlett Gregor. You can reach Bartlett here:

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