The 10 Best Classic Arcade Games Of All Time

The golden age of arcade video games was an era of technological innovation and tremendous popularity for a variety of titles including Donkey Kong, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Pac-Man. During the 80’s, a lot of kids spent most of their time playing arcade games. They could stay up for hours every weekend just by playing. It was when people first discovered outer space madness, maze patterns, and alien invasions. Can you still remember when the last time you played all these games? Here are the top 10 classic arcade games that will make you relive your teenage years.


What Are Video Game Lawyers For And How Can You Become One?

A lot of people want to be lawyers, but they don’t know what kind of law they want to practice. If you’re into video games or just interesting cases, the becoming a video game lawyer may be right for you. This information will go over what kind of cases you’ll work on and what kind of training it takes to do the job right.

A lawyer is someone that helps people defend themselves or to go after others in court. There is a situation going on in which one party feels they were wronged, so they take the other party to court. There are a lot of situations that call for a courtroom session, and they happen all the time about every subject under the sun. Video game lawyers mostly deal with issues that have something to do with games and the companies that make them. It depends on the case, so it’s not always the same thing every day you work on a case.