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Custom Arcades - Play Like you've never played before!


Below is a custom Project Morph Machine made to look seamless with rounded corners and smooth lines. Click on the left for more information on Project Morph as well as our other models.



Designed and manufactured by Custom Arcades, these Home Entertainment Centers can do it all! They can play thousands of games or be used as a jukebox with the phenomenal sound system. These machines can also be used to watch DVD movies, browse the internet or play streaming music. They can also be linked to play across a network or across the internet. They look classy, fun and inviting. Each one is an attention grabber and a centerpiece for any game room.


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Each Machine is built to the strictest of standards. We take pride in every machine that we build. Each machine can be customized to your exact specifications and can hold thousands of your favorite sports, action, casino, fighting, and arcade games. With Custom Arcades, "Play Like You've Never Played Before!"